Top 6 [SEO trends] in 2020 I Digital Gilbert I Tamil

Top 6 [SEO trends] in 2020 I Digital Gilbert I Tamil

Every year Google makes over 3,200 algorithm updates.In the same line, recently google updated its SEO trends for 2020. Worrying your website still stays down after a lot of SEO optimization? Fed up to find a right SEO solution to rank your website in the 1st of Google’s SERP.

Watch this video, to find your exact solution with my SEO trends for 2020 which is especially made for you to rank your website in the top of Search Engine Results Page.

Long-tail keyword searches produce higher click-through rate (CTR) than generic searches

You know? Mostly Long-tail keywords have less competition than short-tail and general keywords. So according to the recent SEO trends 2020, try to write compelling content for long-tail keyword search and increase your page ranking and click through rate.

Schema Markup like FAQ schema, breadcrumbs will continue to be important.

Schema is what now more virally discussed in the field of digital marketing. Therefore according to the update of SEO trends 2020, optimize your website for Schema like FAQ schema and breadcrumbs add start increase your website ranking.

On-page content improvement continued to be the most effective SEO tactic
On-page keyword content optimization is the most important and will always remain the same. This is because Google started to provide only exact solutions to their users’ search query. Therefore, according to SEO trend 2020, try to write high-quality on-pageSEO content that fulfils the customers needs.

Featured snippets remain very big elements in SERP.

You know most of the voice search answers today come from a featured snippet. Therefore according to SEO trends 2020, it is important to optimize your content to appear in search snippets for zero positions. For example: To appear in the featured snippets, you can write answers for your audience question. This will make your website rank first in the Google SERP page as a featured snippet.

Revamping the old blog posts with new content & images can boost organic traffic

In this competitive world. Making yourself updated will make you stay ahead in the competitive edge. Therefore according to the recent SEO trends 2020, Try to revamp your old blog posts and make them updated as of today. This will help in ranking your website in the 1st page of google, showcasing that you’re having the updated information for your audience search.

Top four ranking factors are visits, Average time on site, pages per session, and bounce rate

Last but not least. There are four ranking factors which make your website to rank in the first page of google SERP is no.of visits, average time your audience stays in your page to fulfil their needs, the pages per session and the bounce rate.

So to decrease bounce rate and increase page visits, time, page per session depends on the content that you produce.

Write high quality content with images, videos, links, and stay updated with the relevant information. All this makes your website rank in the first page of Google’s SERP ever.

If you’ve any doubts on the discussed SEO trends 2020, feel free to comment below. Will discuss in detail on the specific topic.

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