SEO Website Branding And Why Social Signals Help Google Know Your Website

SEO Website Branding And Why Social Signals Help Google Know Your Website

Website branding is critical in SEO and building a solid foundation and letting Google have the correct information on your website by using properties like social profiles and social signals.

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What will you learn in this SEO website branding video?
– How to check your website’s brand name in incognito
– How to add a few simple social profiles with your URL
– How to link from your website to that social link
– Proper SEO foundational information

As I do show tow major social profiles that are linking to my website for SEO importance, I did not show all of them because it would have taken a few hours.

One note: make sure you use a naked URL when linking from your social signals and do not try to anchor text anything, that just starts to create a bad indication to Google.

The importance here is to brand your website with Google and not to try to game the system, this is where a lot of people get things wrong.

If you do not listen to that statement then one day you will look back and wonder what happened.

This SEO OTS series is meant to show the best practices to SEO and ranking a website with no risk-taking, repeat, no risk-taking.

I was taught by the best in the best from OMG, Greg Morrison, Stephen Floyd, Josh Beechcraft, and Josh Fletcher.

These are the industry leaders, hands down.

That may be a heavy debate but that is not why I am here, I am here to lend a hand to those who want to listen to proven methods.

That’s it!

This SEO OTS series for 2019 does start off slow but you need to know the foundational steps which often make or break people.

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