Link building SEO, and what still works in search, with Terry Van Horne

Link building SEO, and what still works in search, with Terry Van Horne

Why are we asking what *still* works in link building SEO? Because enough has changed in the search engine world that practitioner’s SEO strategies need to change: “The main things to keep in mind are the diversity of your SEO methods and the quality of your link building. The days of bad links on bad sites are probably over. The comments and the low, foundational link building over the last few years are not working anymore, and in some cases they’re probably dangerous to your search engine ranking.”

Anne Kennedy ( interviews Terry Van Horne ( of Reliable SEO ( at SES Toronto 2012, after Terry’s panel on “What Still Works in SEO.”

What are some of the SEO tactics that do work now? “Blog outreach is working really well,” says van Horne. “Any kind of social media. Buzz is important, not more for ranking, so much to provide the signals that validate your existing links. If Google sees lots of press release distribution due to good SEO link building, but no social media buzz, what do they think the press release was about? They think it was only about artificial link building for SEO.”

Follow-through in link-building campaigns, especially on social media sites, are therefore crucial to any robust SEO link building strategy. “Build it and drop it is not the way to go anymore. Keep your social signals up, and don’t stop. Before, you could build links and stop, and a site would continue to rank, but that doesn’t work anymore. You’ve got to keep building links, keep promoting your website. And that’s natural, it’s what it should be.”

Video, too, is hugely important for link building in the new media and social media world. “Video is very good. Users have already demonstrated they want to see video. Young kids are even searching on Google instead of Google, because they’re not looking for words but for videos instead. Have a Google sitemap, of course, if you want to get found, but put yourself on YouTube, too. It’s a larger search engine than Bing!”

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