Keysearch Review Keyword Research Process for SEO Tutorial

Keysearch Review Keyword Research Process for SEO Tutorial

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I have used the programs #Keysearch, KWFinder, Long Tail Pro Platinum and Keyword Revealer for over a year.

I thought all of them are excellent keyword research tools.

From my understanding, all of these tools will calculate the Keyword Difficulty score, and it tells you the ranking possibility of each keyword.
When I conduct keyword research, I collect and compare the score from all of the above software.

What I have found, so far, is that each will deliver a result differing slightly from the Difficulty Score. If this is the case, you can be quite sure that your targeted keyword will be an easy one to be reached. But there are quite often cases where each of those tools yields quite a different result.

For example, Keysearch may inform you that your targeted keyword is hard to get rank on the first page if you don’t have a strong Domain Authority website. However, #LongTailPro might give you a totally different score.

What you need to do is to manually check on the SERPs. Be sure to inspect the on-page and off-page factors. You are comparing your competitors’ website strength to your own site. This would be more accurate measurement when you decide to choose whether or not you should aim at any keyword.

The only problem here is that, if you use all the tools I mentioned above you will waste too much money on one tool doing the same work. I would say, just opt for one of them. Give it a try and see what works best for you.

In my opinion, Keysearch is the one I would recommend. The reason for this is simple. It’s the cheapest tool, but it has many excellent features.

For example, Keysearch gives you a variety of databases which includes:

Keyword Planner
Keysearch Database
Google Suggest
Bing Suggest
Amazon Suggest
Competitors Keywords.

Long Tail Pro Platinum and Keyword Revealer, on the other hand, only pull up data from Google Keyword Planner with only one database source.

Keysearch provides you with the ability to ‘bulk calculate’ your keywords. This will speed up the process and save you a huge amount of time when doing keyword research. While using #KWFinder and Keysearch Revealer can be helpful, you have it calculate it one by one. Imagine if you have one thousand keywords to calculate; how much time will be wasted?

When you load a set of your keywords into the software, Keysearch will calculate only the seed keyword. For the rest of your keywords, you have to push the calculate button, or you can bulk calculate them. This will save your credit, giving you a time to consider which keyword should be calculated by the software.

With Long Tail Pro Platinum, when you load all your keywords into the software, it will bulk calculate all of them. So, even though Long Tail Pro Platinum is great for a fast calculating process, you will spend your credits on many keywords that shouldn’t be calculated.

Keysearch has an ‘explorer’ feature that lets you spy on your competitors’ website. So, you will be able to scrap the keywords that your competitors are already ranking in Google.

I wrote a comprehensive post about Keysearch tutorial, and it can be reviewed here to help you understand the software better.

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