Elementor Complete Tutorial 2019 – Build a Full Website with Elementor

Elementor Complete Tutorial 2019 – Build a Full Website with Elementor

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In today’s mega tutorial, I am going to show you how to use Elementor page builder plugin to build a full one page website for a fictional company.

This fictional company is titled ‘The White Hat Hackers’ and is a company that specializes in cyber security. We are going to build a website promoting this company first by using the free version of Elementor. We will then use Elementor Pro to enhance the design of the website in part 2.

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Time stamps

3:52 – Initial Setup
5:34 – Elementor Settings
11:42 – Setting up the Home Page
15:38 – Setting up our Global Values
21:42 – Adding our First Section
32:50 – Adding the ‘Who We Are’ section
40:18 – Working with the Navigator & History Tools
42:30 – Creating Advanced Structures
47:02 – Elementor Challenge
47:58 – Adding the Services Section
56:31 – Adding the ‘Why Work with Us’ Section
1:06:03 – Adding the ‘Meet the Team’ Section
1:12:18 – Adding the Clients Section
1:16:17 – Adding the Testimonials Section
1:22:06 – Working with Margins and Paddings
1:28:45 – Working with the Spacer Element
1:32:38 – Adding a Number Counter
1:35:35 – Creating the Contact Us Section
1:42:27 – Creating the Header Part 1
1:53:16 – The Page Builder Framework Theme
1:55:09 – Creating the Header Part 2
1:59:39 – Responsive Design with Elementor
2:07:24 – Page Templates & Blocks
2:12:33 – The Finder Tool
2:14:32 – Introduction to Elementor Pro
2:19:09 – Section 1 Review
2:19:57 – Elementor Pro Section Preview
2:20:21 – Recreating the Header with Elementor Pro
2:31:12 – Adding an Animated Headline
2:35:32 – Adding a Countdown Timer
2:40:58 – Recreating the Services Section with Elementor Pro
2:48:13 – Recreating the Why Work with Us Section
2:56:20 – Recreating the Contact Us Section

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