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Keywords Suggestion Tool

Although the world of search has come a long way during the past 20 years, keywords are still the most foundational building-blocks of any PPC or search engine optimization campaign.

The best campaigns are built on strong keyword research, and one of the best ways to conduct keyword research is by using a keyword suggestion tool like WordStream’s new and improved Free Keyword Tool.

Keyword Suggestion Tools Help You Identify Relevant Keywords
When it comes to keywords, relevance is everything. It’s in everybody’s best interests – searchers, advertisers, and Google – that online content be as relevant as possible to a searcher’s query. This includes elements such as commercial intent, or how likely a person is to follow-through from their original search to a conversion such as buying a product.

Something else that many marketers overlook is the importance of negative keywords, or search terms that should be excluded from your campaigns. Going back to our example above, although “cars for sale” may be a highly relevant keyword for your next campaign, another keyword – such as “classic cars” – may not be relevant, and should be excluded as a negative.

Keyword Suggestion Tools Should Offer Actionable Data
Identifying relevant keywords is only half the battle. In order to launch and sustain successful search marketing campaigns, you need your data to be not just relevant, but actionable.

WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool allows you to download your keyword data in handy CSV format by simply entering your email address. This data can then be uploaded directly to an AdWords account or content management system, where you can begin segmenting and organizing your keywords.

Whichever keyword suggestion tools you choose to use (and there’s quite a few out there), be sure they offer the data you need for your campaigns.