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Get Source Code of Webpage

All Internet browsers allow users to view the HTML source code of any of web page they visit. The following sections contain information on the multiple ways to view the source code in each of the major browsers. To proceed, choose an entry from the list below and follow the instructions for that section.

Introductory information
When viewing the source code of a web page, it is important that you keep in mind that information and code not processed by the server won't appear. For example, almost all Internet search engines process information on a server, and then display the results on a web page. In other words, you can view the code that makes up the results page, but you cannot view the search engine's source code.

This rule applies to all server-side scripts, SSI, and programming code. Therefore, features, such as search engines, forums, polls, chat, etcetera, will not display their code. Copying the information from the source code may cause errors or direct you back to the page from which you copied the information.