What is GEO Search Engine Optimization?

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Once you have successfully uploaded your website to your host, it is normal to get all excited and start advertising your site to all of the popular places so people all over the world can check out your hot content or any other offerings. But spreading your site that far takes a lot of effort and there is a chance that a lot of people won’t care about your site while others may ignore the link altogether because you advertised it in a website visited by people that are looking for something entirely different. A more efficient way to attract people to your website is to figure out your target audience. If you are targeting a general audience based in a certain area, you should understand what geo search engine optimization is.Geo search engine optimization is basically a short way of saying geo targeted search engine optimization. When you apply geo targeted SEO, you understand what geographical location to focus on so you can concentrate all of your advertising and SEO efforts in that area. This type of search engine optimization can apply even if you are targeting a large group of people. What matters most is that these people share a common location. This means you can use geo search engine optimization to your advantage whether you are targeting a small amount of people in a city or more people living in a certain country. The place that you specify should imply that people living outside of your location shouldn’t find any interest in your site. This normally applies to websites having online stores that are only able to ship products to a certain area.For instance, if you manage a local car shop, you can use geo search engine optimization to target your town and possibly neighboring cities. This method is pretty much your only option if you hope to attract people to your site because there are tons of popular car websites all over the world. Geo search engine optimization pretty much levels the playing field where you can simply take the most popular keyword phrases and add a local modifier such as the name of the city so you end up with a keyword phrase that isn’t as competitive but still popular amongst the people living in or near that area. Try entering a geo targeted search query yourself and see the top results so you can understand how these sites use geo search engine optimization to their advantage.Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

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