What Internet Marketers Are Saying About "the Blog Solution"

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What Internet Marketers Are Saying About "the Blog Solution"

I have been using The Blog Solution program lately and it has really been paying off for me. My website has been getting more hits than it did when I put hours of work into it every day, and I am not doing anything but sitting back and collecting the money.

If you are not familiar with how search engine optimization, or SEO, can make you money, let me explain. The most popular search engines don’t just look for lists of keywords anymore. You can not just list a bunch of related keywords and hope to rank on search engines. To get good rankings on popular search engines, you need real content that is relevant to the keyword and has the keyword used throughout. So, as you might guess, getting good search rankings on a huge number of popular keywords can take a tremendous amount of work.

Automatic blogging programs make it easy by posting content to your blog, or even creating new content. This allows your website or blog to constantly be growing and integrating new keywords. Having a lot of keyword related content and good search engine rankings can generate massive hits, and you can turn those hits into money by using ads. The ad service I use is Google Adsense, but there are others. You can also link to affiliates that pay you based on the amount of hits you general.

As you can see, there is a lot of money to be had and it doesn’t require a lot of time or energy. The best way to make the most money is to use the best program, and right now I feel The Blog Solution is the cutting edge. The program creates a huge number of blog entries for your websites and bases them on your chosen keywords. This, in and of itself, can generate an amazing number of hits, but the program goes even further by using “spiders” to interlink all of your content to generate even more hits. To help make your content not raise any flags to search engines, all of the parameters can be randomized, such as pings and post times. This way, you don’t leave any footprints that make it obvious to search engines that you are using an automated Blogger.

I am not very good at learning new programs quickly, and I don’t have a lot of time to learn all of the ins and outs of a complicated program. Lucky for me, The Blog Solution is easy to use and has a video tutorial system to speed up the learning process. The company that sells the software has 24/7 customer support to answer any questions. Did I mention that it is also easy to install and totally plug and play? Generating an income with ad venue and affiliate programs has never been faster or easier. There are other SEO programs out there that you should consider, but I have found that this one works the best for me.

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